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From making strategic decisions to defending you're rights, we're here to help. Using our expertise and deep understanding of the construction litigation industry, you’ll receive tangible solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.

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Since 1990, Howard Alderson, P.E. has been providing professional consulting services to his clients' of all walks of the AEC industry.  In 2000 his son Travis Alderson, P.E. joined forces with him and they combined have 60+ years of MEP Engineering experience. Their strategic focus on developing relationships with the top Professional Liability Insurance firms, and in turn their most coveted Law Firms, we have developed a reputation of unparalleled positive results.  Haven supported our clients to 70+ positive outcomes is a testament to our focus, attention to detail, and being highly knowledgable of the ins and outs of the Construction Litigation Industry. We will work with you to create a customized strategic approach to best represent the interests of your organization. Get in touch to learn more about our vision and consulting experience and approach.  References are available at your request.

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  • Recognized for the quality and independence of our insight, we work on a wide variety of construction and engineering disputes across the entire United States. Our Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protections skills have been utilized on some of the region's largest and most complex projects. We have extensive in trial testifying experience in litigation and domestic arbitration under various rules. Our team offers clear guidance on all aspects of construction-related issues including delay and disruption, project management, and construction management through to disruption-related costs, valuing variations, change, termination, and insolvency. We get involved at every stage of the dispute process, from the preparation of pre-action advice to the delivery of oral and written expert testimony.

  • We help businesses and asset owners manage the challenges and uncertainties throughout the project lifecycle. Our end-to-end project expert witness services include case strategy, risk management, professional reports, testimony, and more. We draw on extensive design experience in the MEP fields having previously owned and operated a top-rated MEP firm for 30+ years prior to utilizing those skills in the AEC litigation market. We have extensive experience in delay claims and commonly assist our clients' navigate this complex construction topic. We deliver independent expert advice on matters of delay and disruption, program management, planning, and programming in construction and engineering disputes. In the event of a project delay, we are experts and adept at establishing the critical path and undertaking an objective analysis of the issues. 

  • We provide independent expert determination and expert witness services in all dispute resolution forums, including litigation, arbitration, and adjudication. We are recognized for the quality, integrity, and independence of our insight and analysis, and our delay analysis skills are acknowledged to be some of the best in the field. We undertake rigorous and thorough analysis and present clear and cogent independent evidence. Our oral evidence and written reports are called on in various dispute forums including adjudication, arbitration, and litigation. Drawing on a wealth of industry experience and resources, we deliver independent expert advice on valuation and costs management (including costs arising from delay and disruption), professional negligence, and termination. We also advise on the valuation of variations or compensation events and insurance-related issues. We are acknowledged as leading practitioners in the field and are recognized for our outstanding work on disputes across a wide range of sectors. We routinely confidently assess how an appropriately qualified and competent project manager would interpret and implement its contractual obligations. In evaluating the project manager’s performance, we establish whether the professional has exercised all the reasonable skill, care and diligence to be expected. Our expert opinion informs counsels’ liability and negligence assessments of the project team in question. Drawing on practical experience of delivering projects as professional engineers, we provide independent advice in dispute avoidance, dispute resolution, and strategic decision making. 

  • We assist at any stage of the project to maximize value and reduce exposure to the risks associated for our clients'. Issues we are regularly appointed to advise on include engineering, procurement, and construction management performance on large-scale, high-value, and complex contracts. Our practical experience in delivering on some of the most complex projects provides us with unrivaled expertise and insight. We are regularly instructed and give evidence in construction and engineering disputes under arbitration proceedings. We have experience working on projects in commercial and contractual disputes between companies. Whether it is delays in the development of buildings, consequential losses from the delay of property development, or losses arising from aborted construction projects, we provide specialist expertise in evaluating wasted costs and valuing historical and future losses.

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